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That Parisian Summer Becky Park

That Parisian Summer

Becky Park

Published April 22nd 2005
Kindle Edition
164 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Lots of men hit the road during The Great Depression but not many black men were like Milo. He was well traveled, well educated and confident. He lived on to be Rita Leavenworths handyman and baby sitter for her 13 year old mentally challenged head strong daughter. Milo was just the kind of man Rita Leavenworth would be drawn to. Not so good at a time whenever everything was drawn along color lines black or white - no mixing - EVER and how Eppe Leavenworth, Ritas daughter, saw everything through color blind eyes. She saw only people. With baseball games, stealing watermelons and unexpected trips to the local whorehouse, and just trying to make it through that summer of 34, everyone had a heck of time That Parisian Summer.