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The Trumpet at Twisp Doris Elaine Fell

The Trumpet at Twisp

Doris Elaine Fell

Published August 1st 2004
ISBN : 9781582293912
368 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Megan Juddman learns that friendly fire killed her husband in the Gulf War, guilt and bitterness consume her -- guilt over a shameful secret she harbors and bitterness over a suspected government cover-up. After escaping to her hometown, Twisp, in eastern Washington, she meets Tharon Marsh, a decorated officer in the Gulf War who has also come to the valley to bury a painful past. Their friendship grows towards something deeper until Megan discovers Tharons terrible secret: he ordered the fire that killed her husband. Their personal turmoil increases when the disasters of the September11, World Trade Center attacks, thrust the country into a new war and Tharon is recalled to active duty. Tension reaches the breaking point when, over Megans protests, her troubled eighteen-year-old son enlists. Will Megan be able to relinquish her hold on the past and find a way to forgive?